2014 Chevrolet SS

2014 Chevrolet SS

It’s been 15 years since Chevy had a rear wheel drive four door sedan and oddly enough it’s been about the same amount of time that the SS moniker meant “Super Sport”. Lately the SS badge has been just trim level with SS bits tossed about like sprinkles on a bran muffin.

You think you have a wonderfully delicious cupcake but find out that the hard reality, is for not.

The SS with its bran muffin Impala/Malibu esque appearance, has now gone rouge. Wide flared fender arches, beefy Brembo 4 piston brakes that clamp down onto 14 inch rotors and then behold! A mighty 6.2 liter V8 punching out 415HP. That’s when you take a step back and ask yourself “Self, please let it be RWD (rear wheel drive)”! Then you realize it is. 415ft-lb of torque is thrusted through a 6 speed automatic transmission equipped with TAPshift and StabiliTrak control system to the rear tires à la Samuel L Jackson style from PulpFiction “Great vengeance and furious anger”!

Sending you off to a 0-60 time in 5 seconds with a top speed of 180mph through the traps. There has been a common theme with all the go fast apparel for the new SS and if you guess Corvette then you’re right on the money. The V8 and transmission where both annexed from the C6 Vette. Except for one thing. They turned the volume down just a tad. The SS sits on a set of McPherson struts with dual lower links up front and an independent multilink rear suspension with coil over shocks and limited slip differential set up out back.

Coming in at just under 4000lb’s the SS fuel economy is roughly 14/21 (city/hwy). Price will come in around at about $45k with a limited production run for the 2014 models. Expect to see the SS just in time for summer.  So for all you red light jockeys, watch out for this new sleeper by Chevrolet.

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