Saleen 302 Mustang…Coming Soon

Saleen 302 Mustang

With the next gen Ford Mustang gearing up for sale, the tuner house Saleen is right on time with a teaser of how they see the new Mustang. Since they separated from Ford, Saleen has been hard at work producing aftermarket mods for a wide variety of muscle cars producing some jewels for the muscle heads. Although details are still very, very limited on their vision of the 302 Ford Mustang, Steve Saleen has gone on to say the 2015 Saleen 302 Mustang is perfectly positioning itself to be the next American Exotic car. A bold statement indeed but the tuner house is more than educated when it comes to making such statements, they did bring us the Saleen S7, which today is still just as great of a car when it was first released 14 years ago. From what we can tell so far Saleen is given the Mustang a new front fascia, wider hood scoop and the trademarked slat grille. Unfortunately power figures are not in as of yet but if you take into consideration the outgoing model 302 produced 625 supercharged horsepower, then we can expect to see only 2 options the same figures as before or somewhere way north in horsepower. Either way the Saleen badge will mean serious business.


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